How To Lose Weight At Home – See REAL Results

If you’ve ever spent any significant time working out, chances are you’ve probably felt like your workouts haven’t produced the result you were hoping for. Day in and day out you go to the gym busting your butt trying to shed that stubborn weight, but no matter how hard you try, the weight still remains. All of that money spent month after month on your gym membership seems like it’s going down the drain.

I’m going to show you how to lose weight at home while saving you money on your membership. Let’s begin to see real results!

Get Off The Hamster Wheel

There’s nothing more discouraging than feeling like you’ve been dedicating the necessary time to your workouts, but haven’t seen any real change. That’s enough to make anyone quit. No one wants to invest their time into something that doesn’t yield them any returns.

I wanted to give up time and time again over the past years because I felt like I was putting in WAY too much work only to look just the same as I did when I first started. As I began to learn from trial and error, I realized that my understanding about the whole process of losing weight was completely wrong!

If you struggle with shedding those extra pounds, chances are you’re doing one or two things wrong. The first is that if you think like I once did, then you may feel as if you can eat whatever you want, and still see results from your workouts. The cold truth is, you CAN NEVER outwork a bad diet! It’s Impossible! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME LOL.

The second thing you may be doing wrong is consuming more calories than you burn. The key to weight loss is to burn more calories than you intake. The formula is simple; MORE CALORIES OUT THAN IN. Your diet contributes to about 80% of your weight loss while exercise is only about 20%.

Working out consistency is the easy part. Most people fail to see the results they desire because they think that if they workout harder, while still cheating on their diet, that they’ll somehow see the fat magically disappear. If you want real results then you must focus on that 80%. YOUR DIET!


Calorie Overload

After wasting years of my life on the hamster wheel, I had to take a hard look in the mirror and have that moment of truth with myself. Truth be told, I wanted to take the easy road. I got comfortable having the looks as if I was really fit but looked like crap when I took my shirt off. For years, I assumed I would somehow see results if I just stayed consistent with my workouts while putting minimal effort into my diet.

I’ve learned that in order to get real results, you have to put in the real work. There are no shortcuts to fat loss. The key is to eat foods that are low in calories so that you can burn more than you intake. You should be looking at the calorie count of everything that you eat and compare it to what you burn on a daily basis.

Let me paint a picture for you.

When I do one hour of cardio on my Xterra exercise bike, I will burn a little over 300 calories. One Twix candy bar alone contains 286 calories. So it will take me 1 hour of extensive cardio to burn off 1 candy bar. Imagine if I had 2 Twix bars or another snack during the day that was high in calories. 

This doesn’t even include the calories from my breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any of the drinks that I may have had during the day.

Everything that you consume has calories in it for the most part.

This is why its impossible to eat what you want while exercising and still manage to lose weight. There’s no way to burn off all the calories you intake on a bad diet


Why Healthy Diets Work

Healthy diets work because they consist of healthy foods that are low in calories. You can eat 3 meals a day along with some healthy snacks and be able to burn more calories that you’ve taken in for the day during your workout.

Here are a list of low calorie foods that you can use to help you create your healthy diet.

Pay attention to everything that you eat. The first thing you should do is to see how many calories there are per serving in whatever you eat. Once you know that, you can calculate roughly how many calories you will be consuming for that meal.

Do this for every meal you eat to determine roughly how many calories you will have to burn. This will become easier as you learn off the top of your head how many calories each food contains.

For your meats, if you choose to eat them, you can buy a Food Scale to weigh it to determine your calorie intake. Grilled foods contain less calories that fried foods because flour gives fried foods those extra calories.

Hidden Calories

We have a tendency to only focus on counting calories in the foods that we eat while overlooking those hidden calories. Liquid drinks, condiments, and food seasoning ALL HAVE CALORIES! Take this into account when you are adding up your calories during the day.

A prime example of this would be seeing someone eat a salad while drenching it with so much dressing that makes the salad pointless to eat afterwards. The calories in the dressing does more harm than the lettuce and veggies does good for you! Be mindful of this next time you eat a salad.


Stay Away From Foods That Are Hard To Digest

Just because you see a food product on the counter, doesn’t mean that it’s meant to be consumed by the human body. Foods that are made from mostly toxic chemical instead of natural products take extremely long to be processed through the body and get stored as fat until the body has time to process the rest.

Since we continue to eat these types of foods, the body never get a chance to finish processing the fat that it previously stored. Instead, it just continues to store more fat from the new foods that we eat.

The goal is to eat good quality foods that are easily digestible so that the body can have an opportunity to finish processing any fat it previously stored. RESULTING IT FAT LOSS!

Change Comes In Small Doses

When we gain or lose weight, it happens in small increments over time that collectively results in a huge change. We live in a society where we want instant gratification for the work we put in, and get easily discouraged when we don’t see changes as fast as we want them. If you’ve gained any significant weight, you didn’t realize that you were gaining weight until one day you looked in the mirror or stepped on a scale and was surprised by what you saw.

Losing weight is the same exact process. You don’t see change every time you lose a pound. That change becomes visible after you’ve lost a significant amount to weight. CONSISTENCY AND PATIENCE IS KEY! Continue to make those small wins each day that lead to the change that you desire!


Calisthenics are a great way to Burn those extra pounds. It consist of doing body weigh exercises such as Push-ups, Pull-ups, dips, squats, sit up etc to burn those calories and shed those extra pounds. Calisthenics is great for building a solid foundation. We get so caught up in lifting weights at the gym that we overlook how effective these basic exercises are that we can do right at home.

If you’re a beginner, you can use your body weight as resistance and purchase a weighted vest or free weights to add more resistance over time. I incorporate some form of calisthenics in all of my workouts.

Say Goodbye To Fat Forever!

The key to weight loss is to eliminate or minimize poor food choices that are high in calories  and filled with chemicals that are extremely hard for the body to process. We have a habit of eating bad food and then say ” I’ll burn it off later.” Remember, you can burn calories, but not those chemicals that are harmful for the body that can cause illnesses.

Eat foods that are low in calories and easy to process so that they don’t get stored as fat. The more of these foods you eat, the less you have to worry about storing excess fat. Create a home workout regimen that consists of calisthenics and some form of cardio (Xterra exercise bike recommended) to help you burn more calories than you intake to help you get to your desired weight.

Use intermediate fasting as an alternative to help limit the amount of calories that you intake daily which helps you lose weight faster.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions below!

Peace & Blessings!


  • Jon

    I think that you are very correct in that you can only really see change on a weight loss regimen by adhering to a healthy diet and exercising some to help you tone your body. Something that not a lot of people say is that change comes in small doses and being healthy is no different. In what ways have you started being more healthy this year?

    • Sergio A.

      Thanks for the feedback. THis year, I’ve gotten real acquainted with the word No! I’m learning to say no to cravings and bad foods that I know wont produce the results I desire. I’m learning to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

  • Rhain

    It can be frustrating trying to burn those annoying fat. It can also be exhausting, especially when there’re no signs of progress. Like you said, it can feel like running on a hamster wheel. The truth is, you’re absolutely right about the reasons it turns out that way.

    I always knew that the choice of diet plays a huge and important role in your endeavors to loose weight. I have to admit though, I had no idea that it covered 80%. That’s just outrageous. But it also turns out to be the reason so many folks workout really hard without getting desirable results.

    Great post. Thanks for sharing 

  • Cathy

    I agree with the hidden calorie part. That’s why I don’t take sugary juice or lay extra condiments/dressings on my food because I know there will be a lot of sugars in them. while I don’t read all the labels of the food that I eat, I make it a practice to think before I eat them. This will make me consider the source and the way those food are being processed before I actually consume them.

  • Will

    There are so many challenges for people trying to lose weight, you’ve definitely gone over and above here to provide some great tips on how to lose weight at home. I find exercise to be a big factor as soon as you wake up to kick start the metabolism 🙂

  • Bob

    You must write down what you eat. Then write the number of calories to the side of each item consumed. You will then know how many calories you have eaten and how much exercise you need to consume the excess calories. Your article is educational in both the number of calories most people are consuming and what type of exercise they need. Thanks for the information.

  • Kylie

    Wow! Thank you very much for this very useful article. Especially for me. To be honest, until now, I have always struggled to lose weight. And apparently, I only realized after reading this.
    What you say about:
    “Most people fail to see the results they desire because they think that if they work out harder, while still cheating on their diet, that they’ll somehow see the fat magically disappear.”
    I am one of them. LOL This happened because I thought after I worked out, I was allowed to eat a little of my favorite snacks. And apparently I was wrong all this time.
    By the way, with the formula “More Calories Out than In”, is there a way to count the calories in my diet? Or should I consult with a doctor about this?
    Please guide me..

  • andreas haag

    Wow, a real and honest review.
    This is the only way and the true way of staying in shape, how hard can it be? 😉

    I am glad to see a site with a real and honest structure about this topic that doesn’t want to sell me some garbage product, now I know that you are honest in your blogging.

  • Shanta Rahman

    Many thanks to you for sharing such a beautiful article with us .I am always aware of my health .Then for a while, the body has accumulated excess fat .Losing fat is really very annoying and time consuming .And it only gets worse when I see that I take steps to reduce fat and get no results .In fact, we should think about the food we are eating before .What foods should be avoided should the fat accumulate in the body while eating it .Diet plays a huge role in reducing body fat that many of us do not know .Before eating the food you have to think about, it is possible to teach it through some practice .Bahars should think about how the foods they are eating are being processed .Although these tasks are very difficult, we can prevent our body from accumulating excess fat if we wish .By following these rules at home we can burn our fat, which is nicely discussed in your article. Thank you again for that .I must avoid these foods and keep myself healthy .

  • ecpags74

    You are absolutely right!  It is the calories in versus calories out.  I’ve been fighting this battle for about 10 years now.  I had lost weight, but gained it back when I quit smoking and hit menopause.  My metabolism is slow to nonexistant!!

    The first time I lost weight, I cut out carbs and recorded everything I ate along with its calorie and carb count.  I think that having to record what I ate made me more mindful of what I was eating, which made it easier to not eat those food items that were not the healthiest choices.

    I’m currently working out for an hour and a half almost daily and am seeing little progress except that I have good energy levels and my BP has improved.  I will look at incorporating calisthenics into my workout and see if that helps.



  • Pablo

    Excellent article!

    I agree 100% that diet is the most important thing to lose weight!

    That happened to me. I was trying to lose weight eating as usual, and going to the gym and I thought that was enough.

    Nothing further from the truth! I have even done the other way around. I have not gone to the gym but I have taken care of my diet, and the results were incredible!

    The doubt I’ve always had. Calories are Calories, right?

    So (about losing weight) if I eat 200 calories of chips, would it be the same as eating 200 calories of tomatoes?

    It really is a doubt that I always have. Because maybe if I’m not close to healthy foods, I can at least eat “less” of something not so healthy.

    Is that so?

    Thanks for the article!

  • shariful islam

    There are many people who are trying to lose weight and have encountered many challenges. You must go up and down here to find out how to make money at home.It is important to know the amount of calories a person consumes daily, and the amount of extra calories, and the amount of exercise required, and you have highlighted this in your registration.I don’t put extra ingredients in my diet because I know they contain a lot of sugars.

  • CeCemorgan

    Being that I am working on getting fit for my summer vacation, this post is right on time! My gym membership is definitely a waste of money. I like to be in the comfort of my own home. As far as the exercise equipment you reccomended. Would you consider it to be easy to assemble? I do know my #1 problem I have with weight loss is my diet! SoThanks for the list of low calorie foods, I have bookmarked it! 

  • Gomer

    I agree with you that fasting can be used as an alternative solution in limiting the number of calories we intake. But how do you deal with the discomfort and bad feeling of being hungry? That’s my number hindrance in fasting that’s why I failed to do it no matter how I plan to do it. I really want to lose weight and since there’s no gym around here, I must do it at home and fasting may help. But I can’t imagine being hungry and without taking any food for fasting. How do you deal with that discomfort?

  • Sonny

    This is the topic I’ve been hoping to come across. I’ve been slowly but steadily gaining weight for the past few months. My main exercise has been walking my dog around the park every day but I’ve been putting it off because it’ been too cold out. 

    Thank you for the Twix analogy, I’ll be sure to keep this in mind from now on.


  • John Platts

    Thanks for a very thorough and commonsense article. I like that you emphasise the basic scientific principle that energy output must exceed energy input to lead to weight loss, and that the choice of foods is key. Whilst I am not specifically interested in weight loss, the food advice tallies closely with that which promotes all round good health (eg. low blood pressure) and fitness. The advice to use your own body weight to build strength in a home training routine is one that I strongly believe in, and wonder why people pay huge sums of money for a gym membership that doesn’t offer anything better.

  • Kozakiv

    Fasting involves abstaining from eating food and any drink other than water, and is practiced in a variety of regimes. Some are fasting one or two days a week, some week in a month, and currently the most popular way is the so-called 5: 2 diet. It involves five days a week of normal diets and two days of fasting, that is, reducing your food intake to between 500 and 600 calories per day. In the form of starvation, they are included in the daily regimen, often abstaining from eating at least 13 hours a day, or after 18 hours until breakfast on the second day

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