Xterra Folding Exercise Bike – Lose Weight FAST At Home

Product: Xterra Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike
Price: $96.99
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
Warranty: 1 Year
My Rating: 10 our of 10

Cardiovascular exercise is essential for healthy living. It helps burn calories and shed unwanted fat. Besides the multiple benefits associated with exercising, you can also use it to pass time while working a variety of muscles.

Finding the right cardio workout can challenge most people looking for ways to burn calories. I have taken the time to find just the right method for you! Riding an exercise bike solves your weight loss problem. You wont have to attend the gym or enroll in an expensive cycling class and save money at the same time.

XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike provides its users with an at-home biking experience that beats all competition. It is easy to assemble, doesn’t take up much room to store. You can exercise while watching TV shows, movies, or playing video games. You don’t have to worry about space as the exercising bike can fold into your closet and unused corners. You will hardly notice its presence once tucked away.

Introducing the XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike

Features and specs


a) Assembled Dimensions:31.5″ L x 18″ W x 45.3″ H

b) Folded Size:16.75″ L x 18″ x 50.5″ H

c) Weight:32 lbs

The Xterra FB 150 fitness bike may be smaller compared to other indoor stationary exercising bikes, but it is loaded with features that compensate its size with a huge fitness punch.

Features included are:

LCD console

Xterra FB 150 comes with a battery-powered 2″ x 1″ LCD window easy to read and even easier to use. It displays all the essential information for users to keep track of their workouts effectively. It provides a button for users to switch between displayed info. The info displayed includes; speed, distance, time, calories, and pulse.

User comfort

The Xterra FB 150 exercise bike was made with users’ comfort in mind. The oversized contoured seat provides maximum comfort while in use. The design of the multi-grip padded handlebars offer long-lasting support and comfort. The handlebars have an embedded heart rate and pulse sensors to help track users’ heart rates. The seat can be adjusted to suit the user’s height.


Xterra FB 150 comes with a 3-piece pedal crank for added durability. The set up provides the user with a maintenance-free machine. The 3.3 lbs precision flywheel provides a quiet ride that ensures a smooth experience. Users living in shared places can comfortably work on weight loss without worrying about disturbing their family or neighbors.

Resistance programs

Xterra FB 150 comes with 8 levels of manual resistance that is controlled easily through the large Dial tension knob suitable for all fitness users.


Its ability to fold into nearly half its size makes it easier to store in the house. It doesn’t need large spaces to keep it in, one corner or a wall closet is enough. It comes with wheels to help move it around the house.


The exercise bike manufacturer believes in the product’s durability, and with it, they offer a one-year frame warranty plus a 90-day parts warranty.


Xterra FB 150 is very easy to assemble. It takes around 30 minutes full assemble. It comes with a handy manual with clear instructions and tools. For users with difficulty in assembling the exercising bike, there is an option to purchase expert assembly.

Buying advice

We like that this exercising bike holds to its claim to be compact and light. Xterra FB 150 has been instrumental to many fitness users according to reviews. It’s the perfect instrument for fat loss, weight loss, and healthy living.

If you are looking for a piece of equipment to help with fat loss, Xterra FB 150 is the right machine. It will compensate for gym & cycling sessions. It’s also great for starter stationery bike users.

Xterra FB 150 does not disappoint in being compact, lightweight, and portable. Its storage capability, 8 levels resistance and comfort for users makes it a must-have machine. Xterra FB 150 proves that being healthy doesn’t cost much or take up your living space, and it just takes the right equipment.


  • Shanta Rahman

    Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article .I am always aware of health .And I’ve always wondered how to do this exercise at home .Your article is very happy for me .Because I was looking for a new equipment for exercise, I couldn’t understand what would be better .I’d like to buy a bike called Xterra Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike  in your article for my exercise .Everyone should remember that health is the key to all happiness and how you can shed extra fat in your home. I’ve heard a lot about this bike and I will definitely buy it and hope to get my exercise.It would be pretty comfortable I think .

  • Christine

    Great topic on Xterra Folding Exercise Bike, just what I need next to me as often its easier to forhet to go out for a exercise or have busy schedule to go to the gym, this can save the time for travelling. I also noticed its not that expensive compared to the value it will add.

    Thanks for sharing 

  • Kylie

    Thanks for your great review. Anda after several days, I read your review and others, I ordered this for quick and easy in-home workouts while watching TV in the evenings. I read the reviews extensively before I purchased. The bike came very quickly (free shipping, came in 4-5 days max) and was easily moved in the house. I was able to put the whole thing together, by myself, in 10 minutes. The directions are very clearly written and easy to follow. It’s also pretty common-sensical.It’s compact, fits nicely in my small space and does fold up. The bike is pretty sturdy and you can definitely work up a sweat.

    Great quality and great price. Perfect for moderately interested fitness or health folks looking for a low-investment piece for their home. Highly recommended product!

    By the way, I am thinking to buy another one for my mother (65 years old). What do you think?

  • Feji ben

    Hello there thanks for this awesome article of would be of great hl to the public as it has been of help to me.if you wanna loose weight and you want it fast the the Xterra folding exercise bike is the best for you.i have been using it for sometime and I must say that it the very best

  • Rhain

    I have developed a slowly developed a reputation for researching any item that pop up whenever the boys are hanging out. One of friends kept mentioning the xterra folding exercise bike. It’s hard to blame the man, he’s new toy just arrived.

    But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So I decided to do a little digging to find out for myself if it is anything like he claims. Here I am now and I can say for certain, he didn’t even do justice to this fast calorie burner at all – he couldn’t have known.

    The feature that stands out is the manual resistance program built within it. I have to say, this review has been informative.

    Thanks for sharing 

  • Nnamdi

    I am loving this Folding Exercise Bike. My Dad would need this a lot. Are there any maintenance steps to be taken in days or weeks of usage? Like for example, dust is a factor that affects all these machines. In lubrication also? are we to apply that once in a while to avoid friction? If yes, what are the critical parts we should be aiming?

  • shariful islam

    First of all I would like to thank you for sharing such a beautiful article among us. Many of us are very worried about body fat and this post is very important to them and especially important to me.I think someone needs a vascular bay for a healthy lifestyle and someone else needs FB150 bikes for vascular exercise.i love body fitness and exercise regularly so I will use it.

  • LaTonya S.

    Thank you so much for reviewing this bike! I purchased this bike a few weeks ago. After using it several times, I can post a good review. Here are my thoughts:
    -easy to assemble; less than 15 minutes
    -sturdy materials
    -takes up little space
    -provides a good workout
    -seat is comfortable
    -console is good quality
    -pulse monitor is accurate
    -highly recommend for all ages
    Your review was spot on! Honestly, this is a solid home workout equipment! Keep up the good work. I will be watching for more of your reviews 😉

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