Health Is Wealth

Your Health Is Wealth – Why Health Is More Important Than Wealth

” A healthy man has a thousand wishes, but a sick man has only one.”

Your health is wealth because it is one of the only things that, once lost, you can never replace or get back. Money can always be lost and made again but once your health fades, there’s really nothing you can do!

Can you remember a time when you were extremely sick or had a health scare that you thought could be potentially life threatening? During that time, were you more concerned with getting better, or did the need to create wealth occupy your mind?

I’m sure the thought of making more money was the last thing to come to mind. In times where our health is at risk, the mind has a tendency to focus all of its attention on ways of getting better! Everything else becomes irrelevant or less important. Those times reveal just how important taking care of our health really is.

Why Health Is More Important Than Wealth

Health is more important than wealth because we literally need it to survive. On the flip side, wealth isn’t needed to sustain life but is simply a tool used to enhance our healthy lives for the better. Notice that I said “healthy lives,” because to those who lose their health, also lose the value that they once placed on wealth.

We live in a society today where subconsciously we’ve been taught to exchange our health in order to achieve a certain level of wealth. The ideal “image of success” is constantly being shoved down our throats through social media, television, entertainment, magazines, etc. Those images get planted deep into the soils of our minds and we begin to base success on our abilities to achieve those same lifestyles.

Because of this, we’ve created a value system for ourselves where our self-worth is solely determined by how many materialistic things we can accumulate. Our purpose in life seems to be in direct reflection to doing only that which makes us the most money.

Don’t get me wrong, having an occupation that creates the income you desire is awesome, but we often choose occupations where we end up losing our health in exchange to gain wealth.

Why Do We Do This?

Unfortunately, we have a tendency to make our career choices based off of a yearly salary rather than to make a living doing the things that we love. But instead, we choose to  subject ourselves to excessive stress daily working jobs we often hate which puts our overall health at risk.

Is losing your health worth the salary you make? Is there any amount of money you’re willing to risk losing your health over? If you’ve answered NO to both of these questions, then that should give you insight on how important our health is and how we take it for granted until it’s too late.

Does Wealth = Happiness? 

We choose wealth over our health because we believe money is the solvent of all of our problems. The problems that we face forces us to do whatever it takes to make money, even if it kills us! ( LITERALLY). The idea is that once we rid ourselves of these problems, we can be completely happy and ride off smooth into the sunset.

If this is true, then why are there so many celebrities who suffer from drug abuse, anger and depression. They seem to have all of the things money can buy, yet they still deal with the same problems and issues as the rest of us.

You see, having money doesn’t automatically create happiness. Its the overall lifestyle and outlook of the individual who has it that determines their level of happiness. Happiness is more of a mindset than anything else!

Cha Ching $$$$

One of my favorite movies of all time is “Wanted” starring Angelina Jolie & James McAvoy (who’s’ main character goes by the name Wesley Gibson). In this film, Wesley works a dead end desk job for a boss that causes him to have panic attacks due to stress.

He decides to stop by an ATM after work to check the balance on his account. To no surprise, he is flat broke! As the story unfolds, Wesley finds out that his father, whom he thought died before his birth, was a member of this Secret Society of Assassins.

After his father death, his wealth was transferred over to Wesley. In disbelief, Wesley decides to check his balance again at the ATM where he finds out that a large sum of money has been deposited into his account!

The Irony Of Wealth

What if you checked your bank account today to find out that a large sum of money has been deposited into your account? No games, scams, or gimmicks involved. The money is legit and 100% yours! What would you do with it?

For the majority of us, we would all do the same things; purchase our dream home, a few cars, invest, create a business, pay off debt, donate to charity etc. The rest would be used for shopping and buying things for our everyday needs.

Here’s the irony to all of this. Besides financial security, most of us chase wealth to simply be able to purchase things that make us feel good about ourselves such as nice clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses, makeup, etc. ALL THINGS THAT COMPLEMENTS YOUR BODY! Having these things boosts our confidence and plays a major role in how we carry on with our everyday lives.

Lets take a moment to wrap our heads around this concept of achieving wealth… So at the end of the day, we will risk losing our health by working jobs for a salary that we absolutely HATE, in attempts to create wealth, just to buy things that makes us feel good and complement those very same bodies that we neglect and fail to take care of in the first place????

Whats the point of attaining wealth if your overall health isn’t in a suitable  condition to enjoy it by the time you achieve it?

Balance is the Key!

Lets be 100% transparent… there’s ABSOLUTELY  nothing wrong with investing your time, effort, and energy into things that creates wealth. The purpose of this article is to shed some light on the importance of implementing and/or maintaining a healthy lifestyle while on your journey to wealth creation.

When you focus on your health while on your journey to success, it will give you the additional energy and drive needed to reach your destination. Imagine trying to take a road trip in a car that isn’t in the best of condition because you haven’t kept up with the maintenance. How likely are you to reach your destination?

Find time during your day to get active and exercise so that you can create a sound mind and body that will outlast your road to wealth creation! Why spend years trying to create wealth only to be unable to enjoy it when you finally  do??

Start your fitness journey TODAY!!!

Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions below

Peace & Blessings!





  • Shirley

    This is all so true, without health, all the money in the world means nothing to us. Good health is a treasure in itself. We each need to leave time to get and stay healthy. You are right, our society is way too materialistic. Good post we need to be reminded of this frequently. -Shirley

      • Laura

        This article hit home for me. For many reasons actually. My mother literally just went through a tough health declination, her heart condition caused a severe scare to her and myself. All I could do was to make sure I was there for her and pray that the medical professionals do their best. As I sat in the waiting room at the hospital consumed by worry and tears while my mother was in the OR, all I prayed for was my mother’s health. Nothing else mattered, not the money, not my job, JUST my mothers health. We often take our health for granted not realizing/ knowing that health is truly wealth. Physical health ties in with mental health, both playing major roles in our lives, they compliment each other. One can’t function without the other. If we think deeply, no amount of money we could ever have will ever be enough because money becomes greed. I was so focused on work and making assets that I too have been forgetting to take care of my own health. It seems like I’m thinking more than doing these work outs. After going through this health issue with my mother I realized that things needed to change. Sometimes it takes discomfort or maybe our clothes doesn’t fit right anymore and we always say, “well, tomorrow I’ll start working out” but tomorrow turns into days, weeks and months and we just never get to it until something starts to shift in our health. To see my mom going through this was really an eye opening experience. This article only reassured me that our health will always be there for as along as we decide to take care of it, money can disappear in a blink of an eye. Can’t treat our health like money and blow it on nonsense. Definitely will be sharing this article with friends and family and just people in general. Sometimes we need a little reality check to knock some sense into us.

  • Nadine Leddy

    This post is wonderful, and I can completely relate to everything you have said. Without your health you have nothing, literally. I suffered heart failure last year, and could not even climb up one set of stairs, walk my dog or drive long distance. I quit work, and now focusing on myself and I’m alot happier.

  • Michael

    That’s a good point, it seems in our culture making money is more important than health unfortunately.
    Working in a job you hate is not only bad for your physical health, but for your mental health as well, as it can lead to depression.
    Indeed wealth shouldn’t come instead of health.
    Thank you.

  • Anne

    Very good article. Many of us take our health for granted until the moment it is at jeopardy. What good is all the money in the world if you don’t have your health? I’ve had to overcome several health trials during the course of my life and each time I’m reminded that above all else, is one’s health. I thank God each day that I can walk, see, hear and move at will. Go where I want to go and do what I want to do. I hope you’ll continue writing thought-provoking content like this.

    • Sergio A.

      Thank you for your feedback! We definitely take having the ability to do something as simple as to walk, see, or hear for granted until were at risk of losing them.

      I wish you the best of health and good fortune!

      Peace & Blessings!

  • Maggie

    I agree wealth solves other problems but not everything. Taking care of our health should take priority if we are to enjoy those things we work hard for. Thank you for sharing this article, I’ve enjoyed reading it.

  • Zeni

    Everything you spoke in this article is 100% factual. You really drew me in as a reader and made me look at the value and long term effects of having good health based on the realities of today. I’ve had my own health scares and you’re right….when in that situation, time feels like it’s standing stiil and you’re not thinking about money, investing, etc. Thank you for this and looking forward to learning and doing more!

  • vza

    You’re so right! Wealth doesn’t equal Health or Happiness and We should all be more concerned of living healthy rather than chasing wealth as a solution for all our problems. I loved your Article and will surely stop by a few more times to improve my well being.
    Thank You

  • Erick Darke

    Thanks for the share.I can definitely relate to being sick a few times and wishing to get well and do things once, I recovered ,differently.
    We cannot take our financials with us if we pass away so staying alive is the most important ting in-order for us to be of any use to help ones family and to serve our fellow human race as a whole .

  • Reina

    I definitely recommend reading this article for motivation , i just had my gallbladder removed &’ a stone got left behind so I went back into the hospital for an other long ( few ) days stay so they can remove the last one &’ it definitely was something. Anyways great piece, I enjoyed reading it(:

  • Parameter

    AS I first read the introductory part of your article my heart wanted to argue – health and wealth, which is most important? Money cannot buy health, a lot of people are in the hospital suffering from cancer, AIDs to mention a few. Money cannot cure these diseases, rather we just manage them as the doctors will say.
    Thanks for bringing my heart to this raw fact

  • Jon

    I agree with you wholeheartedly that health is more important than wealth. Also how healthy you are can sometimes be determined by how wealthy you are but not always. Do you think that your life gets better the more wealth you have? Have you always been a healthy person? That red ferrarri looks really nice though lol.

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